About Us


Voortrekker High School was founded in 1934. It was the first Afrikaans high school in the southern suburbs. In 1992 it opened its doors to all learners, irrespective of creed, colour or culture.

Due to the dwindling numbers of Afrikaans speaking learners in the southern suburbs, the first English speaking grade 8 class started their high school career in 2003. For the next 9 years until 2011, Voortrekker operated as a dual medium school and in 2012, only English speaking grade 8 learners were admitted.

During its 80 years of existence, Voortrekker kept up with the many changes which were implemented nationally and today we provide education to a wide spectrum of learners. Our learners composition is a true reflection of our “rainbow nation” where learners enjoy education in a multi-cultural school environment.

Voortrekker prides itself in following a holistic approach to education which includes academics, sport and culture. Learners have an extensive subject choice which will equip them for a variety of careers.

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